Graphic Media

3D Rendering Solutions

BHI Media offers many types of renderings as outlined here with images fitting the style and budget of any homebuilder.  We offer 2D and 3D in a wide variety of styles ranging from our standard look to specialty looks with a more photo real effect or a softened water color effect.

  • 3D Standard Daytime Renderings are our most popular renderings for most homebuilders.  If you are looking for an excellent quality rendering at an affordable price, this is a great option.  The 3D aspect gives a realistic view of the dimensions of the home.

  • 3D Dusk Specialty Renderings offer a softer aspect making it feel more like a home.  This is a much more personalized effect, drawing the homebuyer to visualize coming home at this time of day.  If you would like to add variety to your image selection, or would like a focal image for your website, this is a great option.

  • 3D Night Specialty Renderings offer a more personalized view of the home in the evening hours.  This really helps the homeowner visualize living in the home and community.  You have the opportunity to show how beautiful the home will look with interior lights on at night and uplighting in the landscaping. 

  • 3D Photoreal Specialty Renderings are our most prestigious renderings.  This style of rendering offers a photorealistic quality to the rendering, making it truly resemble an actual photograph.  This is very popular among our high end home builders and elite clients.

  • 3D Watercolor Specialty Renderings are our second most popular choice among homebuilders for the soft, dreamy effect that it provides.  This look seems to evoke emotion in the homebuyer and has proven a successful asset in marketing homes.

  • 3D Custom Specialty Renderings are offered at BHI Media as well.  We can create customized artwork from your CAD files with more detailed attention to the background or possibly 3D effects in the landscaping.  Contact one of our professionals for more details.

  • 2D Renderings are a great way to show a simpler version of the home and save on the budget.  These are offered in the standard and specialty effects listed above for our 3D renderings as well.  Browse our gallery for sample images to see if this is the look for you.

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