Graphic Media

2D Black & White Floor Plans

  • 2D_Floor_Plan_Black_White_01.jpg
  • 2D_Floor_Plan_Black_White_02.jpg
  • 2D_Floor_Plan_Black_White_03.jpg
  • 2D_Floor_Plan_Black_White_04.jpg
  • 2D_Floor_Plan_Black_White_05.jpg
  • 2D_Floor_Plan_Black_White_06.jpg
  • 2D_Floor_Plan_Black_White_07.jpg
  • 2D_Floor_Plan_Black_White_08.jpg

The 2D Black & White Floor Plans are a basic way to show an overall layout of the home. This is a great option for a limited budget or for a large community offering a wide variety of homes that will sell quickly.  The floor plans will be created directly from your CAD files.

  • Bring your homes to life!
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  • Capture the homebuyer's attention!